You Are What You Eataly

8 Sep

Eataly NYC, 200 5th Ave

As soon as we stepped foot inside Eataly, we were in heaven. The long awaited high-end Italian food market, Eataly, opened last month in New York City. This is no ordinary grocery store. It is more like a food spectacle that features the freshest and most authentic Italian products. The endless counters offering Italian coffees, gelato of all flavors, cured meats, artisan cheeses, fresh seafood, hand-made pasta, and much more are truly as exciting as Christmas morning…maybe even more!

Not only does Eataly offer a huge selection that is sure to satiate every type of appetite, but it offers guests a truly unique and cultural experience. They bake their breads with the same yeast used in their markets in Italy – talk about authenticity! Jams, preserves, pasta sauces, and even dried pastas are all imported from Italy. Eataly also has restaurants run by chefs who came from Naples. Rumor is that they will soon be opening a 300-seat rooftop beer garden. We cannot wait for that!

Walking through Eataly brought us to Italy. Whether you love Italian food or not, you have to visit this market! Everything from the presentation, interior design, ambiance, products, and staff is remarkable, overwhelming, and euphoric.

Italy is Eataly. Come and experience it!

Line outside Eataly


Italian Coffee Bar

Freshly Baked Bread

Imported Beers

Hand-made Pasta

Dried Italian Pasta

Local Produce

Variety of Tomato Sauces


Wines from all over Italy

Eataly NYC

Also, check out this article featuring great pictures of Eataly. Follow them on Twitter!


One Response to “You Are What You Eataly”

  1. Elizabeth September 8, 2010 at 3:40 pm #

    Wow, what a stunning place that must be! Alas, New York is almost as far away as Italy for me! But only by half….I need to visit this place!

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