Man vs. Food

11 Sep

By now, you probably know that we are crazy about food. Our love for eating is comparable to that of Adam Richman on the Travel Channel’s Man vs. Food…really. Adam travels all over the U.S., taking a big bite out of the best foods this country has to offer. He indulges his appetite by taking on ridiculous food challenges that are nauseating in theory yet fun to watch.

Like Adam, we frequently end up eating BIG. Today, we would like to share two restaurants in New York City for the true meat lovers out there who are ready to eat until you drop: Plataforma and Kum Kang San. For my birthday, Dax took me for an amazing meal at Plataforma, an upscale all-you-can-eat Brazilian steakhouse. He had been to Fogo de Chao before, which is the same concept, but it was my first time at a Brazilian churrascaria and I couldn’t wait!

Plataforma, 316 W 49th St

It was amazing. We stuffed ourselves on the fancy salad bar that offered every type of salad, toppings, dressings, cheese, and more. Then we munched on warm, parmesan rolls that were cheesy and chewy, similar to the consistency of mochi! We enjoyed a plate of marinated prosciutto with capers while choosing our side dishes: fried bananas, mashed potatoes, garlic broccoli, and fried polenta.

Then the servers started to come around our table with twelve different types of meat cut by Brazilian butchers and cooked to juicy perfection. They served our favorite parts of the meats tableside for us to enjoy. Meat heaven!!!

After trying every type of meat six times, we were stuffed beyond belief. Then a server came up to our table pushing a cart full of Brazilian desserts. Oh my gosh. How could we resist the cart full of sweet decadence?! We couldn’t. We ended our incredible feast with two cappuccinos, a chocolate mousse cake, and Brazilian truffles.

A week later, we were ready for more meat. Except this time, we went for Korean barbecue in New York City’s Koreatown!

Koreatown, 32nd & Broadway

Having grown up eating it at home, I have always loved Korean barbecue. When I met Dax and we had our first Korean barbecue, it was love at first bite. He even makes it at home!

So a week after Plataforma, We went to Kum Kang San for a Korean barbecue feast. Traditionally, we grill various types of meat on gas or charcoal grills. Restaurants that specialize in Korean barbecue have grill stations at every table so that the guests can see the meat being cooked right before their eyes.

After finishing a round of assorted side dishes and appetizers, we cooked our beef and shrimp barbecue on our tabletop grill!

If you have never had Korean barbecue before, you have to try it! The flavors of the marinade combined with the smokiness from the grill are truly unlike any other. There are several restaurants in Koreatown that feature barbecue, so go out and eat BIG!

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