La $5 Festa

17 Sep

LeeJee Choi and Frances Kim

Two girls at Cornell with an insatiable appetite and a fiery passion for planning dinner parties. After much talking, planning, scheduling, and rescheduling…we finally planned the long awaited $5 Italian dinner party for our friends!

What is a $5 festa? We made a proposition to our friends. “If everyone pitches in $5, we will put together a fabulous dinner event or your money back guaranteed.” And you guessed it. It was an absolute success! What did it take? Two girls obsessed with food, some creative planning, and serious shopping.

Our menu included spaghetti with herbs and fresh grated Parmesan, warm, crusty, buttery garlic bread, ooey gooey cheesy pepperoni pizza, and a rich, decadent, dark chocolate fondue with fresh strawberries, ripe bananas, marshmallows, and cookies for dunking. Here are some pictures from the event for you to enjoy!

Our friends arrive…

Fondue finale!

La festa bravissima!

A special thank you to Wendy Cai for her beautiful photography! Our next dinner party: Holiday potluck & cocktail extravaganza. Stay tuned!


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