No Soup for You!

22 Sep

“Soup so good you can’t eat it standing up, because it will make your knees buckle.” Welcome to The Original Soup Man, home of the world’s greatest soup!

You are probably familiar with the famed “Seinfeld Soup Nazi.” This character was based off of Al Yeganeh, who founded the soup shop in 1984. He closed his shop six years ago, but re-opened his original store this summer. Neither of us had ever tried Al’s soup, so we were really excited for our first visit!

We followed the large sign that directed us to the shop front, which was crowded with hungry customers. There were footsteps painted on the sidewalk so that people do “not step out of line.” Al’s infamous rules were still posted above the counter in 10 languages: “Pick the soup you want. Have your money ready. Move to the extreme left after ordering.”

We glanced over the chalkboard menu that was hanging on the door. There were four types of soups, but our eyes were instantly drawn to the lobster bisque. Behind the counter was another chalkboard where Al wrote his seafood shipments for the week. “100 lbs of lobster, 200 lbs of crabs, etc.” Since we are lobster fanatics, we ordered two large orders of the lobster bisque.

What a surprise! We opened the bag to find our soups, two bananas, two Lindt truffles, and two utensil sets! In addition to the soup, Al gives every customer a piece of fresh fruit, which changes daily, as well as a truffle. This is truly unique and provides customers with the feeling that they are getting more for their money.

The lobster bisque was INCREDIBLE. It was actually the most amazing soup we have ever tasted. The bisque was thick, creamy, and rich. The herbs, vegetables, and sweet lobster meat worked beautifully together to create the perfect balance of flavors. Don’t be surprised if you come across an entire lobster claw or half of a tail in your single serving of soup! Each of our bisques literally had the meat from an entire lobster. YUM!

Are we going to go back? Absolutely. There is no place in New York City where you can find soup like this. Al’s original store on 55th St and 8th Ave is now open, so get your soup today! And if you don’t live near the city, don’t worry! You can order his soup on his online store.


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