The World is Our Lobster

1 Oct

The world is our lobster! Today’s post is all about lobster, because if you couldn’t tell by our last two posts, WE LOVE LOBSTER!

Recently, we went to Thalia, which is located in the heart of New York City’s theatre district. The main dining rooms’ soaring ceilings, huge theatrical posters, and massive columns made a fitting tribute to the neighborhood. We sat at a great table by the window and looked over the menu over cheddar biscuits, pumpkin spice muffins, and mimosas.

We enjoyed the Lobster Benedict and the Thalia Burger (Rachel Ray’s favorite!). Both were great! The lobster benedict was absolutely decadent. The lobster hollandaise sauce was rich and creamy, and the fresh Maine lobster meat was sweet and bursting with intense flavor.

The Thalia burger was great too! 10 ounces of prime New York sirloin, gruyere cheese, bacon in between soft, onion bread with a heaping side of Thalia’s fresh-cut fries…what could be better??

We had another awesome seafood meal at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. in Times Square! The restaurant was huge and filled with vintage, sea-related décor. We started off with their signature oversized cocktails: one Bayou Surprise and one Blue Louisiana Lemonade. So refreshing!

We each had a bowl of shrimp and crab bisque and shared the steamed shellfish platter: an assortment of mussels, clams, snow crab, lobster claws, and shrimp steamed in garlic butter. It was served with a side of warm Jasmine rice, fresh coleslaw, and Mama’s best garlic bread. We put on our plastic bibs and dug in with both hands. The seafood was incredible! All of the flavors were well-balanced and the broth was so tasty. We ended up pouring it onto our rice and dunking our garlic bread into it!

After our great lobster meals at various restaurants, we decided to cook our first lobster dinner together! We headed to the Lobster Place in Chelsea Market to find some fresh lobster. We bought two 1.5 pound steamed lobsters and brought them home!

We heated up the lobster, sautéed fresh asparagus, cooked Parmesan herb couscous, and made some rich, garlic butter sauce.

Then we cracked the shells and pulled out all the yummy meat! We plated the couscous, asparagus, and lobster and enjoyed it with our home made garlic butter. Our dinner turned out amazing!! We encourage every lobster lover to buy fresh lobster and prepare a wonderful meal at home, because it is budget friendly, easy, and fun!

Time to enjoy! Bon appetit!


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