Swirly Goodness

5 Nov

If we could have one food in the world, it would be froyo. But not just any froyo…none of that 10 calorie wow cow or froyo that is really just soft serve in disguise. We mean the tart, tangy, and refreshing froyo that is true swirly goodness. PINKBERRY.

As ice cream, soft serve, and froyo fanatics, we have tried over a hundred different brands and flavors. Nothing compares to Pinkberry. The taste is almost too incredible to explain. It is light, refreshing, and melts in your mouth yet fills the palate with natural tart and tangy yogurt flavor.

Not only does Pinkberry taste like perfection, but it is also made with the highest quality nonfat milk and yogurt from cows that have not been treated with rBST hormones. Pinkberry is certified by the National Yogurt Association to carry the Live & Active cultures seal; in fact, each Pinkberry has over 10 million live and active cultures per gram that can help your digestion and immunity. Even the toppings are of the highest quality, as fruit is always cut fresh daily at each store and is never frozen, canned, or sitting in water.

Why do we love Pinkberry? It is the best tasting froyo out there. Competitors…sorry. You don’t have a chance with this one. Also, every Pinkberry location is consistent in terms of product, ambiance, and service. During rapid growth and development, consistency is a huge challenge for businesses. However, co-founders Shelly Hwang and Young Lee have truly created an amazing operation where the quality of the product and the guest experience are never compromised.

Pinkberry is our go-to spot for a meal, snack, or dessert (after all, it is healthy right?!). Pinkberry makes every day better and always puts a smile on our face – a true taste of euphoria. Now the only question is…how do we buy a Pinkberry machine?! Or become a Pinkberry spokesperson??

If you are a Pinkberry fanatic like we are, check out the groupie page here! Also, new pumpkin Pinkberry is now in stores! Go ahead and go swirl wild.

One Response to “Swirly Goodness”

  1. Ryan G November 8, 2010 at 2:29 am #

    Thanks again for introducing me to Pinkberry, it’s real tasty…especially when topped with those pebbles and cap’n crunches haha. Must say, the warm ambiance is pretty key too!

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